Our Wedding Invitation

• Illustration
• Packaging


On May 28th, 2016, I married my best-est friend in the whole world. It was wonderful, and totally us: we had In-N-Out and tater-tots for catering, an arcade with retro games like Pac Man and Donkey Kong, and all of the flowers in the whole wedding were actually made of comic books made by the bride. Also included in the ridiculously awesome crafts Jessica and I made ourselves were Portal Companion Cube ring boxes, a BB-8 disco ball, and these wedding invitations. Yeah, we're quite crafty together.

All constructed by hand, using a Cricut digital paper cutter, at least 4 different weights of paper, some chip-board, some tape, and more glue sticks than I could count, this was probably the most elaborate project Jessica and I have ever faced together. All said, we made over 80 of these. We wanted to build something so complex and so unique, that all of our family and friends who would receive one would see our passion for creating. And I think it worked. They all want us to succeed in our creative endeavors together, which I'm sure there will be many many more to come.

It's my wife Jessica's fault, you know? She's the one who gives me so much encouragement and support that we're able to create something like this. :)