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How can I help?

My experience in my field, my technical expertise, and my optimistic attitude are a great match for your next project!

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My Specialties

Graphic Design

With an extensive background working in many different design disciplines, I’ve had the opportunity build quite a skillset. My experience, attention to detail, and ability to solve complex design problems with simple, functional approaches and a healthy dose of creativity are my greatest assets. Below are just some of the design disciplines I’m available for:

• Branding
• Packaging
• Editorial design
• Business Cards/Stationery
• catalog/brochures

• Presentation Design
• Marketing
• Web Design
• Social Media Kits
• Photography

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Since I was kid, illustration has always been a major interest of mine. I’ve scribbled and doodled on more surfaces than I can remember (some of which I got in big-time trouble for), and have always looked up to professional artists and illustrators. Now that I’ve worked to develop a style, and silly sketches became commissioned pieces, I’ve realized that digital art is part of who I am. I’m constantly working to improve my craft, and love to become inspired by those I work with.


My Process

1. Listen


It Starts with a Conversation

The most important factor of every project is communication. Gathering as much information as possible at the beginning always leads to a successful conclusion. I love talking shop with clients, discussing different options, nailing down aspirational goals, and defining concrete deliverables. It’s one of the most exciting parts of my job.

2. Design


Collaboration is the key

I’ve found time and time again that involving the client in the entire design process always leads to better results. Applying a structured, milestone-based process with constant feedback helps that design process shine. Taking designs from abstract concepts to workable comps and refine, refine, refine. In the end, forging a strong, collaborative relationship becomes as important as the final product.

3. Deliver


over deliver, that is

No project is complete without total confidence from a client, and I work hard to ensure every detail is exactly how it should be. Fulfilling the defined scope of a project, making deadlines with time to spare, and always following up after project completion are staples of my work ethic. Whatever it takes to make sure the job gets done right is always worth it. Thats my promise.

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Interested in my services? Let me know! Fill out a creative brief today and tell me about your exciting project. I’d love to chat with you!