Tunie & Darrell Save the Date

• Print Design


Our good friends Tunie and Darrell are planning an awesome wedding with a retro-vibe, with lots of vintage televisions, throw-backs to classic sitcoms like Bewitched, and tons of mid-century decor. It’s gonna be beautiful.

I was commissioned to design their save-the-dates, as well as the invitation for the event (currently in progress). Below is the save the date, which was designed with Tunie’s specific instructions in mind.

During a brief sit-down with the two love birds, we were able to develop a rough layout with all of the elements they wanted in the post card design: the vintage t.v. remote, the Bewitched styled type treatment, and the color palette. We even opted for a Bewitched style caricature illustration, which you can see here.

I’m super stoked for the invitations we’re going to build, which will be shaped like an old Zenith television set from the 50’s. Details to come, but you can use your imagination for now. :)