Kittysaur Creative, LLC

After so many great projects my lovely wife Jessica and I have built together, we’ve decided to make what we do legit, create a business, and build a brand together. We decided to name it after a funny nickname Jessica used to call one of our cats, Kittysaur Creative will be the home to hand-crafted boutique collectibles, art prints, stationery, and much more. I’m sure we’ll eventually make dinosaur hats for cats at some point too.


While designing the branding, color palette, typography, and our company website, we wanted Kittysaur Creative to have a playful, fun personality. We’re targeting those who want to “celebrate their inner child, without compromising their grown-up sensibilities.” As regular Comic-Con attendees ourselves, we feel we have a direct relationship with those we want to market to.

As we’re in the process of product defining and development, feel free to get a preview of what’s to come at the link below.

• Branding
• Web Design