The Heximer’s Family Portrait

• Illustration


Our good friends (and international travel buddies) Clay and Denise Heximer have the best style. Seriously. From old-style Las Vegas, they’re fans of the mid-century/modern style motif, and their extensive art collection, beautiful home decor, and overall attitude in life are perfect examples of that.


This illustration was a delight for me to create, as I tried to capture that style, with plenty of the playfulness and fun I usually gravitate towards. Lover’s of tiki-bars and cocktails, they were super appreciative of this (even the gold-plated bamboo frame I delivered it in).

This was also around the time I began experimenting with mid-century styled illustration myself, which I’ve become quite fond of. I’ve even recently purchased a new Procreate brush pack for this exact purpose, which I’m loving every time I pick up my iPad Pro.