Chamonix Global, Inc.

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When my good friends and long-time clients Patrick and Bridget reached out to me with another business venture they needed help with, I was more than excited to learn more. As avid travelers and lovers of wine, it seemed they were often disappointed with the imported offerings at home, which were no match for those they found in their journeys across Europe. So they decided to build an import business themselves.


One of the main whiteboard discussions when we were developing the Chamonix Global logo and branding was to keep it fresh and fun as possible, while still maintaining a sense of authenticity and authority on the subject of wine culture. Bridget would mention repeatedly that much of the wine import business were stuck in an old-fashioned, “stodgy” look and feel. She wanted to be as refreshing as a good glass of bubbly on a nice spring afternoon.

We developed a full branding package, complete with stationery and business cards, in time for Bridget to tour and pitch her import business to various wineries across Europe. Then, as she built and fostered relationships with the wine makers, I was building her company’s website, complete with illustrated products for the wine maker’s profiles.

Now that the parent company’s website is complete, which is intended as an informational site for wine makers and distributors, we’re currently developing a customer-facing brand, which will consist of an online store, as well as “wine-club” like subscription services.

Feel free to visit the site at the link here.